At Perth Pool Servicing we pride ourselves in our simplicity and our competence.

Born out of our sister company Jubilee Pools, Perth Pool Servicing is the product of extending our vision of raising the industry standard in the areas of quality, competence and service to the maintenance aspects of our work.

With over thirty years of experience in building and repairing concrete swimming pools we’ve seen the results of poor maintenance on renovations and repairs we carry out and the difference that our clients see when we give them the tools and knowledge to avoid the pitfalls of poor maintenance habits.

We aim to help maintain the quality of you pool water,  and in doing so the quality of your pools interiors and your living experience at home.

Regular pool cleaning and maintenance is the single best method for extending the life of your homes biggest asset and providing a pristine environment for you and your family to enjoy.

Whether providing the advice, testing, chemicals or even taking on the job of regularly servicing your pool entirely, Perth Pool servicing is proud to be working towards making your pool ownership an easy and rewarding experience.

Every one of our staff is friendly and an expert at what they do, with a combination of the best colleagues in the industry, warrantied and reliable products and quality pool chemicals we are proud to put ourselves forwards as the one stop solution for all your pool maintenance, pool cleaning and pool servicing needs.

Simply a better pool service.

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