The best action you can take to protect your homes biggest asset is proper and regular Pool Cleaning, Pool Servicing and Pool Maintenance.

At Perth Pool Servicing we aim to provide the ultimate in mobile pool service and maintenance.

Born out of 30 years of experience in concrete swimming pool construction, Perth Pool Servicing was born out of our sister company Jubilee Pools as an answer to what we saw as a growing need for a better quality, easy and consistent pool serving company.

We employ the best Technicians and methods in the industry, focussing on providing the greatest Pool water testing and diagnostics for your home or clients.

Our technicians are all experts in Pumps and filtration maintenance and repair t as well as prompt Pool cleaning and Pool servicing 

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Perth Pool Servicing are based locally and provide our mobile pool maintenance service throughout Perth and the surrounding suburbs.

Feel free to contact our friendly staff about your pool or client on 0468 305 699

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Regular Monthly Pool Servicing Get the level of maintenance that’s perfect for you by choosing our Monthly service. By regularly scheduling Perth Pool Servicing to maintain your pool, you can be assured your pool is always in excellent condition. Leaving you more time to enjoy it! Our schedules cater to your lifestyle and pool needs. You can choose the option of monthly, fortnightly or weekly maintenance visits depending on your individual needs.
One-Time Pool Service Sometimes your pool needs extra attention. Our qualified technicians can help you get your pool back into shape with a comprehensive one-time pool service. Quick and easy, book our local pool technicians to come to your home and ensure your pool is at its healthiest state again ready to enjoy!
Green Pool Clean Up Save time and money! Perth Pool Servicing will eliminate the algae from your pool with a green to blue pool service. Ensuring your pool water is back to a clean and healthy state again in no time!
Pool Equipment Repair Perth Pool Servicing, repairs and services pools and spas of all makes and models. Our extensive qualified technicians receive the most advanced training and are leaders in their field. This ensures that your pool and spa equipment is properly maintained or repaired by a qualified, friendly and honest technicians.
Pool Handover Learning how to care for your new pool and the functionality is essential so you and your family can enjoy pool every day. Your pool is a major investment for you and your family, and it’s important that you take care of it to ensure it stays healthy all year-round. Not properly maintaining your new pool could mean extra costs. Our Pool handover short course allows our technicians to teach you how to effectively understand the operation of your pool and how to keep it running healthy and happy.
Entertainment Clean If your planning that perfect get together for friends and family? Or perhaps you need a helping hand after the event? Perth Pool Servicing offers a complete range of pre/post party cleaning services. Book today and let our friendly team and knowledgeable technicians make your pool the life of the party!  
Spa Service Keeping your Spa in top condition is essential. Protect your investment and ensure it’s always ready to use with a professional spa Service from Perth Pool Servicing. Allowing you to relax, kick back into your spa after a long day. Your spa needs to be regularly cleaned and maintained to keep it in a healthy and good working condition. Perth pool Servicing will keep your spa crystal clear and ready to use for your enjoyment with family and friends.
Pool Equipment Replacement Ensuring the right pool equipment is used for the running of your pool  is essential. It will save you time and money and determine the longevity of your pool interior also. Our qualified technicians have extensive knowledge on all pool equipment and can advise you on what is best to use.  
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